Location: Central Helsinki, Finland
Area: 271m2
Year: 1930, renovated 2012-2013
Status: Completed
Photos: Katariina Träskelin, Hurtti Isomeri and Joarc Architects

The renovation of apartment 16 is a showcase of proficient re-thinking, skilful restoration work and respect for the history and spirit of the house. It is a tribute to craftsmanship and beautiful materials.

During the renovation all walls, floors and ceilings were completely redone, some structures were altered and fortified, and changes were made to room divisions. The whole apartment was transformed into a spacious entity, filled with light and beautiful details. The mouldings and decorations, which had disappeared during the past decades, were meticulously redone and old doors were preserved and restored. New and less common materials were also introduced, in harmony with the spirit of the apartment: Corten steel, handmade silk wallpapers. The lightings, audio system and fixed furniture is all tailor-made.

Today, the same beautiful view opens up towards the sea as it always has, but the apartment has begun a new era, in balance with the old and the new.