Location: Porkkala, Finland
Area: main house 150m2, guest house, sauna, storage
Year: 2013
Status: Completed
Photos: Katariina Träskelin

Villa Lulla, with its sculptural lines and design, is a tribute to architecture’s play with the surrounding nature. Light as the airy elements in the archipelago, it floats on steel pillars, enhancing the majestic stability of rocks and cliffs around it.

The entity of four buildings, all in Siberian larch tree, completely melts into its surroundings. While it is hidden and protected from the prevailing winds and the nearby boating routes, Villa Lulla opens up to spectacular views of the open sea.  The use of airy steel pillars leaves the island nature practically untouched and gives an impression of the house flying in the air. Yet inside, the warmth of the Siberian larch tree, the refined details in the interior woodwork and the exquisite decoration form a tranquil and safe home, a protecting nest in the arms of the sea.