Location: Hanko, Finland
Area: Summer cottage 60m2, studio 21m2
Year: 2010
Status: Completed
Photos: Hurtti Isomeri

Joarc’s first project, Villa Maija, lies on an outer island in the Finnish archipelago and faces the extreme elements and power of the rugged open sea. During the years, Villa Maija has befriended these elements, and blends completely in with the nature around it.

The choice of materials are in sync with the strong, wild surroundings: Siberian larch tree is used both inside and outside; long, sturdy planks run through the whole ceiling, and the larch tree even covers the roof and frames the windows. Beautiful simple details, such as gutters in copper dress up the house.  The space in the guesthouse can easily be modified with sliding doors and walls, and even the studio can be divided up to two bedrooms when necessary. The kitchen and all furniture are tailor-made in order to fully ensure the peaceful harmony that prevails in the house - the kind of peacefulness that only exists when the house and its people really feel as a balanced part of the nature around them.