Location: archipelago, Southern Finland
Area: main house 179m2, guesthouse, sauna, storage, boathouse
Year: 2013
Status: Completed
Photos: Jari Hudd and Joarc Architects

The island of Villa S has welcomed and charmed summer residents since the early 1900’s. Still today, a beautifully balanced and functional interaction is formed between Villa S and the buildings around it, and between the old, the new and the everlasting. 

The magnificent Villa S itself stands high on top of a rock, but has been founded deep in the rock to ensure a low, almost hidden profile that does not distract the tree line. The manifold roofs are Siberian larch tree, with copper gutter and plates, and the house with its dark façade blends perfectly in with nature. Timeless in its design, the house boasts the highest technology and modern constructions inside. The contemporary kitchen, state-of-the-art lighting solutions and well-hidden automated technique bring the living in the archipelago to a new level. All furniture – the skilfully manufactured tables, wardrobes, staircases and railings - are specifically designed for Villa S. Thanks to meticulous planning and design of Villa S, and the careful tendering of the trees around it, light flows beautifully in through the idyllic pane windows and creates an engaging, yet peaceful play in the whole space.

The old guesthouse, a unique part of the history of the island, was once the year-round residence of Gunvor Lindstrand, an artist and painter. This guesthouse is now completely renovated and carries the history of the island forward. Together with the new constructions – the villa, the guesthouse, sauna and boathouse - it creates a perfect dialog between the past, the present and the future.