Location: archipelago, Southern Finland
Area: main house, sauna, studio
Year: several stages of renovations and a new part added in 2013
Status: Completed
Photos: Kristiina Hemminki

A fascinating summerhouse with several unique and beautiful architectural discoveries, Smugglers invites for an active and fun holiday living.

The simple and elegant studio which welcomes the seafaring visitors is floating over the water, thanks to cleverly designed steel structures. The whole building - even the roof - is made of Siberian larch tree. The broad larch tree planks decorate the interior and bring a stylish, yet familiar rhythm in the room, while the artwork by Peter Maury completes the set. This multifunctional space can be used both for parties and as a peaceful and inspirational artistic workspace.

The sauna building boasts a unique outdoor shower with a rusted steel plate as the shower wall – with the same material used as a protective wall in the sauna room. The cosy, yet stylish outdoor kitchen, also in Siberian larch tree, acts as the stage for delicious and unforgettable family gatherings.