Location: Westend, Espoo, Finland
Area: Private house 300m2
Year: 2012
Status: completed
Photos: Krista Keltanen and Hurtti Isomeri


The minimalistic yet pronounced R House stands boldly by the shoreline, inviting the sea and its changing powers to act as a captivating part in the soul of the house.

With its location next to the sea, and its pure and uncluttered architectural design, the house has a dramatic edge to it – the large glass surfaces, spacious balconies, steel pillars and roof structures give the house a distinctive, strong character. At the same time, the use of Dinesen Douglas fir wood in the floors and several other smaller spaces brings warmth to this home, as does the design and decoration of the living spaces, the charm of the beautifully tendered garden and the views to the attractive park behind the house.