Location: Westend, Espoo, Finland
Area: Private house 300m2
Status: Under construction
Photos: Hurtti Isomeri

An enchanting old tree, its branches and forms create a sculptural entrance to Villa K&A, emphasizing the minimalistic and contemporary lines of the house. The choice of materials and the many fine details give the two-storey Villa K&A a particular, attractive identity.

The Corten steel, Italian Travertine stone and white plastered surfaces dress up the façade of the house. This distinctive façade, together with the large glass surfaces, brings the house a light, modern look. The subtle, yet daring play of the details add to its character.  The attractive pool and the spa and sauna area in the ground floor extend a hearty welcome when entering the house, creating an atmosphere that is at the same time warm and luxurious. The kitchen and bedrooms in the first floor are perfectly in line with the minimalistic and unique identity of Villa K&A.