Location: Espoo, Finland
Area: Private house 300m2
in three levels
Year: 2009
Status: Completed

The 3L House is a modern home that sets the stage for an intriguing interaction between the living spaces, the comfortable, cosy family life and the striking view to the courtyard.

While the L-shaped stone house rests closed towards the street, inside, the floor-to-ceiling bay windows lay out a surprise: the house embraces and is protected by a gigantic granite rock. The rock and the natural greenery around it dress up the courtyard – and in turn, this dramatic, ever-changing view decorates and sets the rules for the living spaces in the house. Even the bathtub offers a view towards the rock. Amongst the many poignant details in the house are the unique floating master bedroom, which is constructed without pillars, a generous entertaining area on the roof terrace and the statuesque staircase in the heart of the home.