Location: Tampere, Finland
Area: Private house & sauna 265m2
Year: 2013
Status: Completed
Photos: Joarc Architects

The minimalistic and sophisticated Aurum, with the interesting location on a man-made cape on Lake Pyhäjärvi opens its doors to both magnificent lakeside sceneries outdoors and to refined, exquisite art in and around the house.

Contemporary design and several unique details in Aurum create a fascinating atmosphere – Aurum is dignified, yet cosy and warm. The light flows in through the house, highlighting the sculptural staircase and the beautiful bridge, which leads to the balcony in the second floor. All furnitures are tailor-made to fit in perfectly with the space, to let the in-doors and outdoors blend in together, and to give room to art. Aurum, as well as all the other eleven houses on this island, has a private dock, and the terrace area connects directly to the dock. The lake becomes thus an essential part of Aurum, and the golden sunsets can be enjoyed everywhere; from the large bay windows, from the unique imbedded sitting group on the terrace or on board of the owner’s boat.