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Joarc Architects – Our strong professional skills and expertise cover a broad spectrum of architectural design. Our planning and work are a set of accomplished entities, including inspiring drafts, accurate structural drawings, required building permits and a perfected interior design. Each one of our projects has its own identity, which is formed and nourished through our multifaceted knowledge and our committed, responsible and dedicated planning of each project.

The starting point of our planning is always the balance with the surrounding nature. The buildings respect their surroundings and share a dialog with it. The building materials are chosen with utmost care, focusing on even the smallest details, and the end result is always a delicate, complete entity. We use a lot of wood, steel and stone. Often we also select and propose less common materials, which are then crafted by skilled artisans in the field.

Joarc Architects was founded in 2006. We are specialized in the design of high-end private houses, villas and summer cottages both in Finland and abroad. We have five architects working in our office, each with their own expertise and skill in architectural design. Our working atmosphere is very open and gives room for inspiration and ideas. Thanks to our small size, each client project is adequately attended to, enabling the creation of personal and innovative solutions. Our passion for design and our curiosity towards materials and new working methods lay a unique foundation for creative, functional and aesthetically appealing architecture.


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